Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Motorhome Habitation Checks.

How much should a Habitation Service Cost ?

It really depends on the Labour rate of whoever does it. A Habitation service takes between 2-4 hours depending on the type / size of vehicle and with Labour rates varying between £30-£100+ per hour depending on whether you are using Mobile / Independant workshop / Dealers then typically total cost will be between £100 - £300.

How Long will it take ?

It will typically take between 2 -4 Hours.

Can I do a Habitation Service Myself ?

A Habitation service requires many specialised tools and to ensure Safe and Effective Servicing this is normally out of the realms of a DIY Option.

I have a new Motorhome Can any Workshop do a Service and keep it in Warranty

An NCC Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS) www.approvedworkshops.co.uk can do servicing on ANY van regardless of age and maintain the Warranty, however many warranties restrict you to only using AWS Workshops.