Habitation Tests Good or Bad ?

With a car you have an annual MOT test which covers you against basic safety and mechanical tests.

In a motorhome you have the same test but a motorhome is further complicated due to its leisure facilities such as Gas / Water / Electricity which go untested during an MOT.

Considering you are driving around a vehicle which contains plenty of explosive potential and being a sizeable investment surely we should be testing them in a mandatory fashion.

At Outdoorbits we offer habitation service testing for all Motorhomes and Caravans alike.

Out Habitation Service follows industry guidelines and checks for damp ingress, electrical safety, gas safety and a thorough check of other aspects of the leisure side of your motorhome.

Annual habitation servicing is recommended by all Manufacturers of motorhomes / caravans and indeed is usually a requirement for warranty.

We follow the National Caravan Council recommended Habitation Service as well as specific manufacturer guidelines when conducting the habitation service.

A Typical motorhome habitation service takes approximately 3 hours and thoroughly checks the leisure aspects of your motorhome.

The LPG, water and electrical systems are all tested using specialist professional equipment. All locks are inspected, tested and lubricated. Blinds, windows, roof lights are opened, checked and adjusted where necessary.

We perform fire safety and security checks. Damp tests on bodywork are checked during your the habitation service.

A copy of our Annual Habitation Service schedule can be provided on request.




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